Monday, October 10, 2011

Last pics of 2011 before storage with the future owner :)

Last pics of 2011 before storage with the future owner :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Well this marks the end of my restoration blog. Car runs really well all the hard work was worth it. My E30 drives like no other bmw I have ever driven by far my favorite.

Follow me to the second part of my E30 project...but before here's a few pics of me and Danny "dannyb" cars (Day and night) White and black

Thursday, June 16, 2011

STREET LEGAL!! finally...

Well I finally got my safety/plates done yesterday night....finally the car is street legal.

Just came back from a drive around my neighborhood respecting the limit of course :)

I'm impressed by how well it drives, all the work was so worth it nothing drives quite like an e30, the adult go kart lol.... now I cant wait to start tuning it (right now am running a base tune).

I will start a new thread discussing tuning (I will post the maps) also need to polish the paint and apply a good wax.

I will only have time for a cruze next weekend.....this weekend we could met at my place for maybe 1 hour total in the afternoon (few beers check the car out)...but I wont have more time because of all the stuff I need to do around the yard/house :(

Summer has just started.... good times coming.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Well long time no updates but I have been busy with other things in a House and family :)

Gary from (AAS) finished my appraisal and happy I am.

When I talked to my insurance broker and asked her for a good company to appraise my car she recommended me 2 companys 1 was (AAS) and the other I wont mention not because their not good because am sure they are but just because I did not ask for permission. I called both and what cought my attention was the amount of experience Gary had and how friendly and down to earth he is.

(sample pages of my approval)

It was very important for me that:

1) The Appraisal company would have to have an amazing reputation with the insurance companys (My broker deals with over 25 of them and they would all accept (AAS) appraisal.
2) The Appraisal company would be mobile(car not safety) and be able to take their time to really go threw everything I have done to the last bolt.
3) The Appraisal company would have to be down to earth and be able to really understand the amount of work is involved in building a car and maybe even help me , guide me.

Gary was all of these and more so as you can see I am very satified with him and highly recommend you get you car appraised , especially the ones that poured their heart and soul and loads of money in their cars.

You get 2 documents of ( 10 pages or so of detailed documentation each) 1 copie for yourself and 1 for the insurance companys files.

(sample pages of my approval)

(sample pages of my approved)

And the appraisal for my car right now is: $9,050.00 of REAL value and not an amount taken out of the sky. If I had a better paint job my car would be worth 12, 000- 13, 000$.

My broker already found a company to insure me for daily driving for 6 months of the year the other 6 it will be sleeping in the garage.

So now all I need is a safety and get my license plate and I will be FINALLY driving it :)) cant wait...

We need a local E30 meet soon!!

Monday, May 30, 2011


Well Appraisal day is here. Gary Schroeter from Automobile Appraisal Services (AAS) came over at 10:15 today.

I'm at a loss of words to explain the amount of knowledge/experience that Gary has concerning the world of Autobody /paint/bodywork and cars in general...its simply amazing! I was very impressed.

Obviously my paint is VERY VERY FAR from being perfect and Gary was very gentle in telling but he pointed me in the right direction to fix the paint I have on the car and I learned a LOT from him in the 2 1/2 hours he spent with me

For a DIY like me and many others, by far with no experience, i'm still proud of the work I have done so far and the car will always be a work in progress to better it but what I got here is a E30 with an accident free body / minimal rust and tons and tons of cleanup with a 100% completely overhauled suspension/engine/ interior... basically a very very good base to start building on for the future.

So the blog continues on... to the next level.... finishing the paint(taking Gary's advice and work on it this winter while in storage) and little things here and there... This is just the beginning :)

Now I need to get a safety done/insurance and plated so I can enjoy it this summer


Sunday, May 22, 2011

MAY 22 - After the end of the world (May 21) comes the resurection of a E30 lol...

This morning I finished the wheel bearing, axle install....

It is a special day for me for the first time I got the car in a drive able state... and my 22 month old son got a ride in my driveway... (Who knows he or my other son nico may end up inheriting this car in life)

The famous mean E30 pose...

Quick pics (car is dirty, dusty and still needs a wetsand at 1000-2000 grit and lots of bits and ends to finish but I got 1 week to finish and I wont stop until its perfect..

still need to find some amber flasher plate... (anybody??)

Exhaust needs to be cut thats why the green tape...

few shots.... and a video of me driving it in my driveway with my son...

Lots of work still under the hood.. but Im confident I will finish

Friday, May 20, 2011

5 days in Hell.... back from the death!! still on schedule..

Well its been a few days before I updated my blog... Why? well I spent the last few days in Hell trying to remove the bad passenger rear wheel bearing, I have done it all and always succeeded this time I was stuck....really stuck... I did everything imaginable to remove it.. (I know I should of spend the money on the proper tools...300-500$) lesson learned.... I didnt know what else to do

...with 1 week and 3 days of time left to finish the car up... my only hope was the internet so I sent an e-mail to one of the most reputable E30 experts in California Robert from to my surprise (because I know hes busy he answered very very quickly) and gave me the help I needed ..simple words in a e-mail that really helped me get the bearing out.....I was so happy! THANK YOU ROBERT!! for your help.

Just sent you some virtual beer ;)

DAMN BEARING...whats left of it.

Now Im off to the store to buy tools to press the new bearing in and wheel hub.... then I can install the axle, e-brake, brakes....

If I get the car drivable tonight/tomorrow Im on schedule....barely but at least still in the race.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Drivers back rear wheel done! now bring the pain drivers side

Yesterday just before supper I finished the Drivers back rear wheel done!

brand new all E-brake hardware, Axles installed, sway bar, brakes (easy as can be wow!) I also rebuilt the whole caliper with fresh seals.

Got my OEM axles rebuilt by CV TECH (great quick service and affordable) highly recommended to rebuild the OEM if possible and not buy remanufactured ones by a generic china made axles.

Car as it sits now... coming along....

NOW!! bring in the pain the passenger side... (wheel bearing needs to be changed) so far nobody seems to be able to help me or want to not sure... anyways I guess I will try like I always do find a way!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Subframe installed, rear brake pipes and the ebrake cables..:)

Well this morning I woke early and with a vengeance on the hand brake cables... I came out the winner with a combination of a long steel rod and 5 drill bits... its on 4 wheels now :)

Little video walk a round of the car very dusty and dirty with the lowered suspension...(fyi: drivers door is open not broken..and no exhaust...)

very clean back

The tool Danny had created and helped me install the motor was once again used with great success to hold the whole subframe assembly in one shot for install :) genious that little guy I tell you... ;)

I finally finished the rear brake pipes, ebrake cables and installed the rear subframe, trailing arms, new shocks, springs...etc...

sorry for blurry pic only one I took.. new crucifix and new lines that I had to bend myself as bmw doesnt pre bend new lines... the bender tool was cheap anyways 10$ at canadien tire.

For the first time in a long time the newborn was rolled out of the garage for fresh air
You can see the family picture... me being the X5 , the GF the 330i and well the

Tired victory shot....I must of drank 4 liters of water right after I need a summer mechanic one piece.....:)
I'm very very happy with the stance... my 245's fit very well with the roll job I did on the rear fenders...

now on the next steps... axles, driveshaft, brakes, exhaust... somehow close to my timeline.. 3 weeks to go... still need to wetsand the paint, address the lights, sound system..etc...

But first CLEANUP TIME!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

more subframe work.... OEM parts arrived... Stuck Ebrake cable

Finished installing the RTABS on the trailing arms

and the brakes pipes..brand new stainless steel braided..

The right tools this job would of been really easy but oh well its done...

Arek from stopped by today to drop me off more parts ....

Now am stuck...When I was pulling the ebrake cables out they look stuck and now they wont come out... (if anybody knows a trick please let me know)...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trailing arms bushings /E brakes

Today I removed the trailing arms brake pipes, bushings, E brake hardware cleaned and primed/painted

Tomorrow I will paint the dust shields and install the powerflex bushings on the trailing arms..

Old Ebrake hardware

new Ebrake hardware to be installed

Arek (from will ship my crucial oem parts this tuesday so I can install new brake pipes and T pipe and new hand brake cables and misc other bolts and hardware before I install the subframe..

Saturday, April 30, 2011

more rear axle stuff done....trailing arms from the U.S received..

Got back from a little vacation with all the yard and house stuff to take care of my time is very limited but I got a few things done...

Subframe painted and bushings removed and installed

New gasket and redline gear oil in the Diff

...ready for install.... I also was able to remove the rear brake T since I will be replacing it and the 2 hard lines

Drive shaft waiting to be assembled with new center bearing

Happy the way the wheel wells turned out they are now nice and dry and free of rust and crap..

Some of the parts awaiting install

Got the trailing arms from the U.S can you tell which ones are canadian... LOL...

The passenger trailing arm needs a new wheel bearing but that the risk when you buy used but still leaps and bounds better then what was in there...

Lots of OEM parts coming this week from "Arek" at

According to my timeline next week I need to get the car back on its 4 wheels..

Also need to figure how Im going to remove the stuck E brakes cables that I need to replace with new ones...