Friday, February 25, 2011

Moving foward and Damn coolant bleeding...

Ahhh the joy's of coolant bleeding! Wasnt prepared for a M20 engine and the M42 radiator conversion with 2 bleeding points. After much research and boiling points of 3/4 gauges almost overheating headaches... I got her done.

I tough its taking a long time to bleed because maybe I had inverted the coolant pipes to the heater core but it was not the case.

Here she is running with my newly painted trunk :) Cant wait to get to this stage...

The engine already getting dirty... :( but it will be easy to shine it all up now that it doesn't have 50 pounds of old caked grease in it..

So proud I found the biggest size battery this thing can wake up 2 E30 in parallel lol..

Got a few more things done.. Got a stock Cat middle pipe for a very good price Thanks Robert! :)

installed ... few adjustements to do on it but for now its good as I dont want to be a nuisance to the neighbors..

NOW for the other half of the car..... I think I got a good month ahead of cleaning, painting subframe, diff, driveshaft, new springs and shocks work ahead easy.... Danny get you butt down here I'm going to need a helper over here lol

Danny is going to need a little break he just finished his rear subframe...Hell it was!! good job dude.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well today I finished with all the wiring, Computer, coolant, electric rad fan... It was ready for a battery and cross my fingers that the engine would start... !!

I need a middle pipe (CAT)...fix the tach.... other then that ITS ALIVE.....I'm so happy and relieved at the same time all this work.

No leaks... knock on wood all is great.... I was expecting to fix mistakes....but I checked everything 3x over and it payed off!!

Here is a video of my first start.... :))))

Now on the the next things to fix....the REAR Subframe, exhaust...then paint...cant wait for this summer!!