Thursday, June 16, 2011

STREET LEGAL!! finally...

Well I finally got my safety/plates done yesterday night....finally the car is street legal.

Just came back from a drive around my neighborhood respecting the limit of course :)

I'm impressed by how well it drives, all the work was so worth it nothing drives quite like an e30, the adult go kart lol.... now I cant wait to start tuning it (right now am running a base tune).

I will start a new thread discussing tuning (I will post the maps) also need to polish the paint and apply a good wax.

I will only have time for a cruze next weekend.....this weekend we could met at my place for maybe 1 hour total in the afternoon (few beers check the car out)...but I wont have more time because of all the stuff I need to do around the yard/house :(

Summer has just started.... good times coming.

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