Saturday, July 31, 2010

Subframe and wheels wells done

I finished the subframe and wheels wells

My paintbooth ...ahahaha! work really well....

Done ( I want the car to have some red accents...I think it looks good red on each their own I guess)

Drivers side done...same treatment old stuff removed and cleaned...then painted and lined just like my floorpans rustproofed to the max (water just beads off this stuff)

Passenger done as well...

I noticed Alex has some sway bars for sale from a 325 IS just ordered them.... nice upgrade.

Also installed new mounts and ceramic coated red the front caliper mounts... once I rebuild the calipers they will get the same treatment..

next waiting for all the rest of the bushings and misc OEM parts for the shocks... may attack the brakes right now while waiting...they looked seized so I will get them rebuilt.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Subframe and wheel wells

Today I declared WAR on the subframe rusted everything and passenger wheel well.... wow!! I had to take the BIG guns out!! since am replacing everything except the subframe itself and steering rack..

passenger wheel well / 50 pounds of crap removed (this took me almost 2 hours)

Then I painted them, looks amazing once it dries up tomorrow am going to line them too...

The stuff I bought is paintable which is much better then the standard undercoat

Nothing like new quality OEM parts... still waiting for a lot more stuff

Alex (Alexgoesracing) EBAY to the rescue some very good condition shocks from him he even painted them for me :)

Subframe all cleaned up and ready for paint tomorrow... rust converted is drying up.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

front subframe removed...

Today I removed the front little motorcycle lift came in handy...

All the bolts where easy to remove except for the damn Steering link... I persisted and it finally came out...

Also finish cleaning and painting the wheel wells

I ordered all the bushings from BMW along with new arms/ball joints.

Next in line dismantling lots and lots of cleaning... the subframe will be getting a nice coat of red!!

oh and remove 23 years of rust...

Monday, July 26, 2010

..trim painting!!

It's been a long time since I did anything mechanical on the car since I don't have much time I decided to do something a lot easier, trim painting "shadow trim" Semi-Gloss.

The best part was working as a family on the car with my Girlfriend Nathalie who is very passionate about cars as well...It was a good way to get back into it and spend some time together.

Always wanted to take a shot of the whole garage.....hahaha!! what a mess.

Also working on the drivers side wheel well... scraping, painting, lining

I ordered some non rusted shocks from alex (alexgoesracing) ebay and will be ordering a lot of suspension stuff.

Today I also noticed I only have another 3-4 months left before snow starts falling and cold sets in, I will have to store the car away... hope I can get it up and running at least before then...paint will most likely wait until next year!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

More front end work done...

More front end work done.... Getting ready to drop the front subframe (cleaning and painting).

Removed the fenders started cleaning up the wheel wells, fenders, I will be removing all the tar and priming, painting and Lining same treatment I did for the floor pans.

I will be ordering new POWERFLEX bushings for the entire suspension and replace the front shocks and springs along with the brakes

Now I just need to find some time...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wheels received...

Not much progress done in a while been busy adding 6 Feet of width to the garage.

In the meantime I have been ordering some stuff... I received the other half of the stainless exhaust the header part now I will have to order 2 CATALYTIC CONVERTERS as I want my car 100% street legal and dont want the car to sound like a ricerboy either....

And my dream rims 16" basquetweavers :) ESMWheels am impressed by how light and beautifull they are in person.

So my setup will consist of a stagered setup: 16 x 9 OFFSET 20 back and 16 x 7.5 OFFSET 20 fronts.

Shopping for tires right now but I think am going to go with 245/45R16 backs and 205/45R16 fronts.

So thats it for now my next step is finish the front end ( taking out the fenders, front suspension, brakes, etc....) then back suspension....then engine (2.5L N/A with MAF conversion for now ) and related to finish off the car with a beautifull Gloss black paint.

I now have 3 full engines and tranny's I may sell 1 of them to make room in my garage( 87 2.7L , 87 2.5L, 88 2.5L)

good weekend..

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Engine bay done.... more parts received

Well the Engine bay is DONE. I applied the last coat of clearcoat last night. With the Record heat that we have been having lately... its already dried and hard.

nice and clean :)

I have received my New front lights (hard plastic frame no more rust :) with angel eyes and projectors.

also received my full suspension...KYB shocks and VOGTLAND german lowering springs these are matched so they should ride nice

and also my exhaust All stainless steel

Still waiting for my stainless header.

I also ordered my dream rims ESM 002sl's (all silver) staggered setup (BBS rep's):

fronts: 16x7.5 20 offset and backs: 16x9 20 offset just not sure on what tire size to go with?

Here is an example from another member I found with a 4 door E30:

lots of fun work ahead!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Engine bay painted and wiring all cleaned and installed

Engine bay painted and wiring all cleaned and installed (lights, ABS, etc..)

I removed the valence finished cleaning/priming everything ....

then painted a nice black gloss!

Very happy how it turned out no more grease...even the wiring has been cleaned wire per wire!!

Next on the list dropping front subframe and removing fenders to do the same thing!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

other side cleaned...

Other side is cleaned up removed all the wiring out of the way (All the wiring will be cleaned and sorted now that I dont have Air conditioning).

No more primer...I have to go buy some more BUT I will also be taking a good weekend off working from the car to relax a bit with my family and friends...

Not the funest of all jobs so far I got 2 garbage bags full of sound deadening, 2 cans of heavy duty engine degreaser, 1 full 3L of mineral spirit, 2 rolls of rags and I still got lots of work to do ...It will all be worth it at the end with a fresh cleaned, de rusted and painted underhood

Today I also ordered a Full Stainless steel exhaust (speedyracerparts EBAY seller really nice guy) along with a header (exhaust_racing EBAY seller another great seller) since I will be going NA for now.

Wheels I will be ordering soon from ESMWHEELS I cant wait 16x9 rears and 16x7.5 fronts basquetweavers...they will sit on 2 front 364021 insert shocks & 2 rear KG4539 shocks);KYB Excel-G black GR-2 shocks and 4 Vogtland (951018)high performance German made Lowering springs with a 1.6 inch drop front and 1.5 inch drop rear..

Good weekend guy's...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

First zinc primer applied on the engine bay...

Not much to report aside from First zinc primer applied on the engine bay...

Primer is still drying take up to 24 hours with this type

One side done.. started the other side.

I found a small rust spot under the fuse box I de rusted, applied seam sealer then primed....

I also removed all the sound proofing everywhere thats one of the first things to do with an E30 to prevent corrosion and further rust I lucked out with this shell its pretty much rust free....