Sunday, August 29, 2010

....more motor work...

.....just more motor work... cleaning everything... getting ready to torque down the head with of course new hardware.

Still need to sand down the bmw logo on the head...

Intake done good VHT high heat wrinkle finish I used the same for the block looks really good. just need to decide on injectors to use (It got 2003 330i injectors) and cleanup rail new inj o-rings and install.

Test fitting headers....

Motor is getting there..... hope to have it all botton up and installed next weekend (lol...if my boss lets me)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

more motor work....

Well I removed the head and got busy.... Engine had a lot of carbon on the pistons.

Finished wiring loom (checked all the wiring for cuts, burns... and now nice and clean)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tires installed, more motor work done, parts ordered, ect...

Tires installed, I went for a unique look and style.. street/drag racer 245/50R16 rears and 205/45R16 fronts.....Rockland tires made me a deal I could not refuse.

Car looks like a 4x4 right now no suspension has been done in the back yet and the front is done but with no engine weight....well it looks like my BMW

When am done with the engine I will attack the back end a good month will be spent there as well especially working the fenders...

You can see the engine wiring cleaned half way done with the wiring loom. I really want this car to be grease free and that includes all wiring..

My nice carboard table with my intake which will be cleaned, injectors cleaned with wiring cleaned up and loomed and painted.

back suspension stuff waiting in line...I hid all the bushings so I'm not reminded of all the work...

started cleaning, more motor teardown done... This engine had major oil leaks and the timing belt was on its way out. Cant wait to remove the head and check the pistons.

Finished rebuilding my front calipers, painted, installed.

Also ordered some performance parts... MILLERPERFORMANCE is the shop I chose for my performance/tuning needs (they really took the time to call me and discuss my needs this setup will support all the power I will need) : WAR CHIP, MAF IIIGEN, INTAKE, Smart fan(ditch the damn clutch fan)...

Thats it for now....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Front suspension/subframe DONE

Well today I finished the Front suspension/subframe

-Steering rack done (new boots/seals/tie rods) cleaned and painted
-Subframe cleaned painted
- New control arms/ball joints installed
- New IS sway bar installed with new bushings
- New struts/springs/towers/etc...
- New brake lines
- New cross drilled brakes
- New lolipop bushings

All is left is to rebuild the brake calipers

Wow it was something all done with home made tools


Sunday, August 15, 2010

more suspension and more engine work..

So while waiting for parts...the Engine has been stripped a bit more... very surprised by how clean the head is...

100% sure this head is brand new

My 2 rubber upper strut springs holder did not arrive on time and now Danny is gone to california on vacation... I will have to go rent a spring compressor at canadian tire so I can finish the whole front end suspension.

I installed the subframe (not in this pic but I got the lolipops installed as well) with the right tools is very easy

I got the swaybar and links to install then the rack (modded to manual from power)

So in my list (assemble the shocks, install sway bar, finish rack/install new tie rods)

Then rebuild brakes install then drop the car down to get it ready to get the engine installed.

Engine will be NA this year so I can drive it a bit and get some seat experience tuning it as well.

Monday, August 9, 2010

front suspension work and motor dissasembly started...

Long overdue update...

I manage to do some front suspension stuff I'm missing a few parts that I need in order to finish assembling the the front struts.

I got the lolipops bushings removed and pressed in the new ones (it was a major pita but I got them in) I even painted them ( my brake kit came with a lot of paint so why not)

Arms installed...and motor mounts

Im also removing the old tie rods to replace them and also do the PS delete. new boots are on its way as well

Since am waiting for the suspension stuff to arrive I may as well start disassembling the motor

The FUN part is officially started will get longer bolts so I can mount it on my engine stand..

removing the flywheel bolts you can see my trick to hold it from rotating ...with a 4 feet bar it took me 2 minutes to remove them all.. :)

I should have this motor ready to install in 2 weeks since its about that much time I will be waiting for my suspension stuff to arrive..\