Sunday, June 12, 2011


Well long time no updates but I have been busy with other things in a House and family :)

Gary from (AAS) finished my appraisal and happy I am.

When I talked to my insurance broker and asked her for a good company to appraise my car she recommended me 2 companys 1 was (AAS) and the other I wont mention not because their not good because am sure they are but just because I did not ask for permission. I called both and what cought my attention was the amount of experience Gary had and how friendly and down to earth he is.

(sample pages of my approval)

It was very important for me that:

1) The Appraisal company would have to have an amazing reputation with the insurance companys (My broker deals with over 25 of them and they would all accept (AAS) appraisal.
2) The Appraisal company would be mobile(car not safety) and be able to take their time to really go threw everything I have done to the last bolt.
3) The Appraisal company would have to be down to earth and be able to really understand the amount of work is involved in building a car and maybe even help me , guide me.

Gary was all of these and more so as you can see I am very satified with him and highly recommend you get you car appraised , especially the ones that poured their heart and soul and loads of money in their cars.

You get 2 documents of ( 10 pages or so of detailed documentation each) 1 copie for yourself and 1 for the insurance companys files.

(sample pages of my approval)

(sample pages of my approved)

And the appraisal for my car right now is: $9,050.00 of REAL value and not an amount taken out of the sky. If I had a better paint job my car would be worth 12, 000- 13, 000$.

My broker already found a company to insure me for daily driving for 6 months of the year the other 6 it will be sleeping in the garage.

So now all I need is a safety and get my license plate and I will be FINALLY driving it :)) cant wait...

We need a local E30 meet soon!!


  1. why did you need an appraisal ?

  2. For insurance... In case something happens. Or else you get 100$ for a 1987 bmw 325

  3. are you located in canada ?