Friday, May 21, 2010

Floor Pans...Trunk ALL FINISHED!!

Floor Pans...Trunk ALL FINISHED!!

My Momo steering came in :) thanks Alex "Alexgoesracing" Ebay for the good deal on this used steering

quick pic..

Cleaned the carpet...repainted with fabric dye...its actually black but with the camera it came in grey looking... anyways Trunk done :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Trial fit of the rear bumper "rieger GTS".... will need to make custom braquets to hold it in place..

Made Fiberglass caps to replace the existing front floor ones , used seam sealer and finished lining the driver side....just have the passenger sides to be done now then the Floor pans are DONE!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

trunk finished...ez liner...sunroof

few random pics...

Here I started experimenting with vinyl&fabric paint on one of the front speaker grill

Also did 1 backseat floor pan with EZliner you can see the difference this will give it a nice strong surface to finish it off took 1 full can.

I finished the trunk and changed the lock (using my old trunk lock from rusty now RIP) cleaned the inside of the rubber weatherstrip and re-installed.

The sunroof was broken so I removed it as it was rusted solid lucky for me the E30's roof was not

LOTS and LOTS more work ahead hope to be done next summer...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Front bumper removed..

Finished removing the front bumper for the plastic bumper conversion but It will need serious mods If I want to keep my "IS" front valence

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rear bumper removal..


The floors and trunk are fully cure after a few days the paint is hard as nails with a high build Zinc primer as a base to the Enamel paint (Tremclad Rust paint) it should hold off moisture and rust for a few years...

Now I'm attacking the bumpers....finished removing the pain in the Ass rear bumper shocks

now I just need to remove the paint reprime and install the plastic bumpers so I can then mount the rear Reiger bumper

then the front bumper removal so I can install the plastic bumper to compliment the very rare "IS" front valence

Today I also found the rims am going to buy ESM basquet weavers 16x7.5 fronts and 16x9 rears

But before I have to attack the wheel wells rust removal and install my new Cadium coated cross drilled brakes and new pads on all 4 wheels