Saturday, April 30, 2011

more rear axle stuff done....trailing arms from the U.S received..

Got back from a little vacation with all the yard and house stuff to take care of my time is very limited but I got a few things done...

Subframe painted and bushings removed and installed

New gasket and redline gear oil in the Diff

...ready for install.... I also was able to remove the rear brake T since I will be replacing it and the 2 hard lines

Drive shaft waiting to be assembled with new center bearing

Happy the way the wheel wells turned out they are now nice and dry and free of rust and crap..

Some of the parts awaiting install

Got the trailing arms from the U.S can you tell which ones are canadian... LOL...

The passenger trailing arm needs a new wheel bearing but that the risk when you buy used but still leaps and bounds better then what was in there...

Lots of OEM parts coming this week from "Arek" at

According to my timeline next week I need to get the car back on its 4 wheels..

Also need to figure how Im going to remove the stuck E brakes cables that I need to replace with new ones...

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