Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last day of 2010 Engine install...

Well its here, last day of the year for working on the E30 what better way to close it by having Danny and Julian over to help me install the motor....

Thanks to the BMW special tool that Danny put together to gently seat the drivers side motor mount...

what a year it was....time for my baby to go to sleep till spring 2011

BIG THANK YOU!! DANNY for all your help, yoru always there for me when I need it and I appreciate it.

Till next year

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clutch and transmission installed.....Engine ready for install

Today I installed the clutch and tranny on the engine.... Heart is ready for transplant

Stage 2 Exedy clutch good for 250HP and 250 torque All I will need with an NA M20B25 engine

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not much done lack of time...few pics of putting the body in place

Not much to report waiting for parts and lack of time as usual.... so I just kind of put together some body parts to see what needs to be adjusted / fitted...

lots and lots of adjustements to do everywhere but I think its going to look great once everything installed , adjusted and of course lowered with my new suspension, still missing "IS" spoiler, finishing filling/sanding in the Zender side skirts "ferrari wannabe fins looks.."

my brand new M42 rad just checking how it fits...

motor almost completed need a new alternator belt its coming

Does anybody know if I still need the crank pulley (PS and AC) since I wont be using PS or AC? The less belts and rotating mass the better...more reliable more free power

Also trying to locate a shorter oil filter since am not going to use the stock oil cooler and need a hair more clearance because of the header.... I saw somebody in here with a BOSCH with number 333xxx smaller filter but he has not gotten back to me if anybody know the type/number please let me know.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Finally more engine progress...

Finally more progress done with my engine

Found metric blues head bolt equivalents at a place in Hull called FASTENAL awesome company to deal with good prices too..

Torqued them down in sequence 20 pounds,,40 pounds...50 pounds,,,finish at 70 pounds.

Just need to adjust the valves before closing it all up. Also got a new timing belt, water pump, etc...

Intake ready to go in..

Here is the car awaiting a new heart

Arek ( came trew today awesome guy even delivered the parts to me cant beat that...

new Behr M42 rad cheap Rad CAP!! Will have to get one Arek get ready for more parts...

Picked up a Used 3.73 LSD DIFF for a very good price from a Gabriel another guy who is moding his E30 just need to swap my cover as this one is cracked.

Transmission shifter work done....short shifter and new hardware

Major cleaned up of the transmission and high heat paint

More to come...another 3 weeks and The heart transplant should take place...I hope..

Also waiting for my stage 2 EXEDY clutch kit...and to find a good place to resurface my flywheel...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Visit from Danny...and lack of engine work...

Well talk about a show stopper... my torque wrench was set to 80 pounds by mistake..

Now am trying to source out some better bolts that I can reuse since am on a budget am going to go with you guess it Metric blues... cant get them from the U.S so am going to try and get some from brafasco in ottawa...

Also ordered the rest of the OEM stuff (M42 rad, water pump, timing belt...ect..)to finish off the motor from Arek - very nice guy he managed to calm me down when I told him about the snapped head bolt.

meantime I finished installing the fuel injectors / wiring loom and headers

Danny came back from california and stopped by with his M52 powered E30 to bleed the back brakes and well..... the bleeder screw broke. looks like its broken bolts week for us...

nice swap that he ended up having to fix himself

more to come...when my parts come in..

Sunday, August 29, 2010

....more motor work...

.....just more motor work... cleaning everything... getting ready to torque down the head with of course new hardware.

Still need to sand down the bmw logo on the head...

Intake done good VHT high heat wrinkle finish I used the same for the block looks really good. just need to decide on injectors to use (It got 2003 330i injectors) and cleanup rail new inj o-rings and install.

Test fitting headers....

Motor is getting there..... hope to have it all botton up and installed next weekend (lol...if my boss lets me)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

more motor work....

Well I removed the head and got busy.... Engine had a lot of carbon on the pistons.

Finished wiring loom (checked all the wiring for cuts, burns... and now nice and clean)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tires installed, more motor work done, parts ordered, ect...

Tires installed, I went for a unique look and style.. street/drag racer 245/50R16 rears and 205/45R16 fronts.....Rockland tires made me a deal I could not refuse.

Car looks like a 4x4 right now no suspension has been done in the back yet and the front is done but with no engine weight....well it looks like my BMW

When am done with the engine I will attack the back end a good month will be spent there as well especially working the fenders...

You can see the engine wiring cleaned half way done with the wiring loom. I really want this car to be grease free and that includes all wiring..

My nice carboard table with my intake which will be cleaned, injectors cleaned with wiring cleaned up and loomed and painted.

back suspension stuff waiting in line...I hid all the bushings so I'm not reminded of all the work...

started cleaning, more motor teardown done... This engine had major oil leaks and the timing belt was on its way out. Cant wait to remove the head and check the pistons.

Finished rebuilding my front calipers, painted, installed.

Also ordered some performance parts... MILLERPERFORMANCE is the shop I chose for my performance/tuning needs (they really took the time to call me and discuss my needs this setup will support all the power I will need) : WAR CHIP, MAF IIIGEN, INTAKE, Smart fan(ditch the damn clutch fan)...

Thats it for now....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Front suspension/subframe DONE

Well today I finished the Front suspension/subframe

-Steering rack done (new boots/seals/tie rods) cleaned and painted
-Subframe cleaned painted
- New control arms/ball joints installed
- New IS sway bar installed with new bushings
- New struts/springs/towers/etc...
- New brake lines
- New cross drilled brakes
- New lolipop bushings

All is left is to rebuild the brake calipers

Wow it was something all done with home made tools