Monday, January 31, 2011

First work day of 2011

Today was the first day of 2011 that I decided cold or not I'm going to work on the E30 a bit.

I got busy and it got hot quick....doing the fenders.... the wiring not so

first time rolling fenders after few hours I think I got them done very nicely (Roll and pull) got the puller from a local guy in Ottawa (Matt Rose) he rents them for 40$ for 2 days for those interested his e-mail is:

Passenger fender....paint cracked but I don't care since I will be painting the car anyways..

Driver fender..

Also redone my "i" Cluster since the old "e" cluster will not work..

Installed my SMART FAN Miller performance on my new M42 radiator

I finished all the wiring thanks to this awesome website:

89 " i" harness into a 87 "e" chassis I havent started the car yet...but I know it will be a challenge I dont think the car will start just like that am sure their will be tons of kinks to solve...part of all the fun

You can also see my MAF conversion from miller performance with their black cold air intake...very nice piece.

Also finished the install of the M42 Radiator conversion..really cleans up the engine bay...

Still missing upper rad support... 02 sensor...and a fresh battery so I can attempt to start it up.

After a lot of research on the C104 connector were everybody contradict each other am not too sure what to do with these wires ?? any help would be appreciated.

what a day it was....Its like -25 degree right now time to go inside and warm up a bit