Saturday, May 7, 2011

Subframe installed, rear brake pipes and the ebrake cables..:)

Well this morning I woke early and with a vengeance on the hand brake cables... I came out the winner with a combination of a long steel rod and 5 drill bits... its on 4 wheels now :)

Little video walk a round of the car very dusty and dirty with the lowered suspension...(fyi: drivers door is open not broken..and no exhaust...)

very clean back

The tool Danny had created and helped me install the motor was once again used with great success to hold the whole subframe assembly in one shot for install :) genious that little guy I tell you... ;)

I finally finished the rear brake pipes, ebrake cables and installed the rear subframe, trailing arms, new shocks, springs...etc...

sorry for blurry pic only one I took.. new crucifix and new lines that I had to bend myself as bmw doesnt pre bend new lines... the bender tool was cheap anyways 10$ at canadien tire.

For the first time in a long time the newborn was rolled out of the garage for fresh air
You can see the family picture... me being the X5 , the GF the 330i and well the

Tired victory shot....I must of drank 4 liters of water right after I need a summer mechanic one piece.....:)
I'm very very happy with the stance... my 245's fit very well with the roll job I did on the rear fenders...

now on the next steps... axles, driveshaft, brakes, exhaust... somehow close to my timeline.. 3 weeks to go... still need to wetsand the paint, address the lights, sound system..etc...

But first CLEANUP TIME!!

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