Saturday, July 31, 2010

Subframe and wheels wells done

I finished the subframe and wheels wells

My paintbooth ...ahahaha! work really well....

Done ( I want the car to have some red accents...I think it looks good red on each their own I guess)

Drivers side done...same treatment old stuff removed and cleaned...then painted and lined just like my floorpans rustproofed to the max (water just beads off this stuff)

Passenger done as well...

I noticed Alex has some sway bars for sale from a 325 IS just ordered them.... nice upgrade.

Also installed new mounts and ceramic coated red the front caliper mounts... once I rebuild the calipers they will get the same treatment..

next waiting for all the rest of the bushings and misc OEM parts for the shocks... may attack the brakes right now while waiting...they looked seized so I will get them rebuilt.

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  1. what is that what you used for rast i mean in this picture we can see that grey ?? if you cen write to me that well be perfect :)