Monday, August 9, 2010

front suspension work and motor dissasembly started...

Long overdue update...

I manage to do some front suspension stuff I'm missing a few parts that I need in order to finish assembling the the front struts.

I got the lolipops bushings removed and pressed in the new ones (it was a major pita but I got them in) I even painted them ( my brake kit came with a lot of paint so why not)

Arms installed...and motor mounts

Im also removing the old tie rods to replace them and also do the PS delete. new boots are on its way as well

Since am waiting for the suspension stuff to arrive I may as well start disassembling the motor

The FUN part is officially started will get longer bolts so I can mount it on my engine stand..

removing the flywheel bolts you can see my trick to hold it from rotating ...with a 4 feet bar it took me 2 minutes to remove them all.. :)

I should have this motor ready to install in 2 weeks since its about that much time I will be waiting for my suspension stuff to arrive..\

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