Friday, July 16, 2010

Wheels received...

Not much progress done in a while been busy adding 6 Feet of width to the garage.

In the meantime I have been ordering some stuff... I received the other half of the stainless exhaust the header part now I will have to order 2 CATALYTIC CONVERTERS as I want my car 100% street legal and dont want the car to sound like a ricerboy either....

And my dream rims 16" basquetweavers :) ESMWheels am impressed by how light and beautifull they are in person.

So my setup will consist of a stagered setup: 16 x 9 OFFSET 20 back and 16 x 7.5 OFFSET 20 fronts.

Shopping for tires right now but I think am going to go with 245/45R16 backs and 205/45R16 fronts.

So thats it for now my next step is finish the front end ( taking out the fenders, front suspension, brakes, etc....) then back suspension....then engine (2.5L N/A with MAF conversion for now ) and related to finish off the car with a beautifull Gloss black paint.

I now have 3 full engines and tranny's I may sell 1 of them to make room in my garage( 87 2.7L , 87 2.5L, 88 2.5L)

good weekend..

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