Wednesday, March 30, 2011

paint day

Today was paint day.....primer and first paint coat.

Far from finished with the paint since this is the first few coats which will be sanded down before I start the roll on method giving me a good base to start and at the same time going over the areas where the roll cant go.

Weird to finally see my car in one

little video walk around:


  1. I wondered across your blog from a google search for ESM. Hope you don't mind. I love your wheels esecially with the caps OFF! How do you like the Vogtland springs?

  2. I dont mind at all anybody is more the welcome to read it and follow it :)

    I havent driven the car yet with the vogtlands but I like the ride height so far and they look high quality... I bought them of the reviews I found on them from others and everybody seem to dig them +made in germany cant go wrong.