Sunday, August 15, 2010

more suspension and more engine work..

So while waiting for parts...the Engine has been stripped a bit more... very surprised by how clean the head is...

100% sure this head is brand new

My 2 rubber upper strut springs holder did not arrive on time and now Danny is gone to california on vacation... I will have to go rent a spring compressor at canadian tire so I can finish the whole front end suspension.

I installed the subframe (not in this pic but I got the lolipops installed as well) with the right tools is very easy

I got the swaybar and links to install then the rack (modded to manual from power)

So in my list (assemble the shocks, install sway bar, finish rack/install new tie rods)

Then rebuild brakes install then drop the car down to get it ready to get the engine installed.

Engine will be NA this year so I can drive it a bit and get some seat experience tuning it as well.

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