Saturday, September 11, 2010

Finally more engine progress...

Finally more progress done with my engine

Found metric blues head bolt equivalents at a place in Hull called FASTENAL awesome company to deal with good prices too..

Torqued them down in sequence 20 pounds,,40 pounds...50 pounds,,,finish at 70 pounds.

Just need to adjust the valves before closing it all up. Also got a new timing belt, water pump, etc...

Intake ready to go in..

Here is the car awaiting a new heart

Arek ( came trew today awesome guy even delivered the parts to me cant beat that...

new Behr M42 rad cheap Rad CAP!! Will have to get one Arek get ready for more parts...

Picked up a Used 3.73 LSD DIFF for a very good price from a Gabriel another guy who is moding his E30 just need to swap my cover as this one is cracked.

Transmission shifter work done....short shifter and new hardware

Major cleaned up of the transmission and high heat paint

More to come...another 3 weeks and The heart transplant should take place...I hope..

Also waiting for my stage 2 EXEDY clutch kit...and to find a good place to resurface my flywheel...

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