Sunday, September 5, 2010

Visit from Danny...and lack of engine work...

Well talk about a show stopper... my torque wrench was set to 80 pounds by mistake..

Now am trying to source out some better bolts that I can reuse since am on a budget am going to go with you guess it Metric blues... cant get them from the U.S so am going to try and get some from brafasco in ottawa...

Also ordered the rest of the OEM stuff (M42 rad, water pump, timing belt...ect..)to finish off the motor from Arek - very nice guy he managed to calm me down when I told him about the snapped head bolt.

meantime I finished installing the fuel injectors / wiring loom and headers

Danny came back from california and stopped by with his M52 powered E30 to bleed the back brakes and well..... the bleeder screw broke. looks like its broken bolts week for us...

nice swap that he ended up having to fix himself

more to come...when my parts come in..

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