Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not much done lack of time...few pics of putting the body in place

Not much to report waiting for parts and lack of time as usual.... so I just kind of put together some body parts to see what needs to be adjusted / fitted...

lots and lots of adjustements to do everywhere but I think its going to look great once everything installed , adjusted and of course lowered with my new suspension, still missing "IS" spoiler, finishing filling/sanding in the Zender side skirts "ferrari wannabe fins looks.."

my brand new M42 rad just checking how it fits...

motor almost completed need a new alternator belt its coming

Does anybody know if I still need the crank pulley (PS and AC) since I wont be using PS or AC? The less belts and rotating mass the better...more reliable more free power

Also trying to locate a shorter oil filter since am not going to use the stock oil cooler and need a hair more clearance because of the header.... I saw somebody in here with a BOSCH with number 333xxx smaller filter but he has not gotten back to me if anybody know the type/number please let me know.


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