Thursday, April 29, 2010

Floor pans..DONE!

Should be rust proofed for a few years until I do a FULL restoration

Today I finished the floor pans.

* First sanded and cleaned with mineral spirit then SEAM SEALED
1. Rust converter 2 coats
2. Zinc primed
3. Tremclad Pro gloss black

All done

Next will be replacing bumpers!! with plastic ones..

Then Next in line Change the dash, fabric paint interior pieces and reinstall
Will also charge the batterie so I can start trouble shooting the starting problem the ex owner had (didnt get any spark)


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  2. Hi there. I looked through your blog, your work is astounding. I was wondering if you knew what gauge sheet metal I should use for repairing the floor pan & rocker panel for my E30.

    Thanks, Harris.

  3. hey where did you buy the floor pans from?