Monday, April 19, 2010


After a bit of clean up and removing all the water from the sunroof... amazing floors am so happy finally a good car to work with

Well I lucked out I found another Shell in great condition for a good deal from a great Ukrainian guy thanks Andriy

He gave me some very nice extras...nothing works...but damn good shell.

First thing is first Carpets removal and seats....


  1. Im surprised how decent the floors actually are, I saw the photos of your IS how mint it looked before you took it apart and how bad the floors are, didnt expect that at all. Did you manage to get the trunk open yet?

  2. I had a look at the floor before I bought did not want to fall in the trap like the IS.

    I got the trunk open :)

    I cant believe how mint this car is...everything looks brand new...almost like it never saw winter.

    Finally a good shell to work with

  3. Im glad you like it, Im guessing when I got it in 2008 it was all mint, because even that rust on the door didnt show up as much.
    is the trunk in good shape as well?
    looking forward to more pictures as you go along

  4. yet everything is solid my friend...I cant thank you enough for the great deal on a solid E30.