Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rear bumper removal..


The floors and trunk are fully cure after a few days the paint is hard as nails with a high build Zinc primer as a base to the Enamel paint (Tremclad Rust paint) it should hold off moisture and rust for a few years...

Now I'm attacking the bumpers....finished removing the pain in the Ass rear bumper shocks

now I just need to remove the paint reprime and install the plastic bumpers so I can then mount the rear Reiger bumper

then the front bumper removal so I can install the plastic bumper to compliment the very rare "IS" front valence

Today I also found the rims am going to buy ESM basquet weavers 16x7.5 fronts and 16x9 rears

But before I have to attack the wheel wells rust removal and install my new Cadium coated cross drilled brakes and new pads on all 4 wheels

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