Thursday, June 10, 2010

More interior stuff done...getting there...

Got my used Sunroof from my main used parts supplier Alex from "Alexgoesracing" on ebay cant say enough good stuff about him...good prices and fast delivery cant ask for anything better.

Alex is also a PRO racing driving instructor him in action (white E30)... next year am going :)


Sunroof with very very little rust which I cleaned up good, painted underside and filled the inner frame with FLUIDFILM in my opinion the best rustproofing fluid out there.

Just notice that by painting the small trim I kind of made a half E30 front ,,lol....

Just a test fit....will be hooking it all up soon

Door trim is finished... will be transfered to rusty old doors soon to be installed but before I have to build adapters for the seats...its in the work I already know how am going to build them very very easy.

Also finished the glove box...(its actually works used the old hardware from rusty)

Took some time to finish the rear bumper gravel guard and bumper mounts (cleaned, rust converted and paint) not pretty dont care its all hidden I just wanted to protect it.

Also got my brakes/pads with Stainless lines awaiting to be installed..

My interior with the white gauges... and almost all done.

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