Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dash is in with few molding and door trims almost done...

Today I got the dash back in (painted/dyed) it was a pain in the A@@ but its done. Just needs to be cleaned but I have to admit it looks really really good in person..

I also did the glovebox just not installing it yet as I will be removing the engine soon..

Door being painted/dyed..

Drivers side trim installed along with my momo hub...

Should be done with the whole interior this week including doors so I can move on to the fun stuff removing the engine and same treatment for cleaning and painting underhood

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  1. Salut, j'ai commencé recemment la restoration d'une 325i E30 de 1987 et j'aurais quelque question pour toi, si tu veux bien m'écrire un e-mail à cette adresse : bobby_dorman@hotmail.com pour que je puisse plus facilement te poser mes questions. Je t'ai entendu parlé français dans un vidéo, ça va facilité un peu ma comprehension.

    Merci beaucoup

    Bobby Dorman

    P.s. Tu as vraiment une très belle E30!